"Learn How The Super Rich Do Retirement Planning?"
*This is the FIRST session Dr Sanjay has ever done on retirement planning. We will not be covering this again in near future as we have other content to cover.*

From: Dr Sanjay Tolani

Your Insurance Mentor
17X MDRT, 2 X COT, 13 X TOT
Dear Future Financial Planner,

Imagine if you could apply that SAME retirement strategies used by the super rich for your clients, wouldn’t your clients want that?😉

Now you see, last year I managed to close 90 MDRT and one of the reasons for my success is because I knew about the retirement strategies of the super rich, and this gets clients coming to me for my advice.

In our industry, small cases allow you to survive, but it is the big cases that make you rich. I’m going to teach you how to open up big cases using retirement strategies. 

This four hour seminar will be specially structured to help you strengthen your retirement planning foundation and get you kick started with a big case.
In this four hour sharing, I also want to share with you the retirement planning strategies of the super rich and this will allow you to differentiate yourself from the rest!

For new advisors, i you will learn the foundation required to get started in retirement planning. 

For experience advisors, you will learn a few strategies to to get 20% more of your clients to take up retirement planning.
About Your Family Leader
Why Learn From Dr Sanjay Tolani?
Dr Sanjay Tolani is a 17-year member of the Million Dollar Round Table – The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, with 2 Court of the Table, 13 Top of the Table honors and 5 years platinum dragon. He became the youngest member in 2003, at the age of 19, and then qualified as the Youngest Life Member in 2012 at the age of 28.

In 2018, he has successfully attained 90 MDRT and his secret to success lies in retirement planning. 

Over the last decade, Dr Sanjay has been learning from top financial advisors all over the world, consolidating their insights and learning. 

He has coached over hundreds of thousands of top financial advisors all over the world. What makes Dr Sanjay happy is seeing members of his family succeeding and being professional in their line of work.

No matter how good you think you are at presentations, there are proven practices and techniques that the pros use to close their prospect - practices and techniques that Dr Sanjay will personally cover.

So if you are thinking of bringing your professionalism and skills to the NEXT level, this upcoming seminar is for you! 
Copy and paste what you will be taught in Retirement Planning 2019, and the results should follow.

What Will You Expect During Retirement Planning 2019? 
Our Mission: To Raise The Standards of Financial Service Industry
During our recent event, final sprint 2018, we even had more than 1,500 advisors attending from all over Asia!
*Tickets Are Usually Sold Out Within 24-48 Hours After Release, So Please Purchase Early. Note That the Demand of Tickets Will Be Higher For This Event Since It Is The FIRST event For 2019*
Listen To Others Who Have Benefited 
"My Clients are more willing to meet me!" 
When i tell my clients i'm going to sit down with them and share with them the financial strategies that the SUPER rich uses, they are more willing to meet me for a coffee. In fact i close 20% of those i met. Thank You Dr Sanjay!
Jeff Wong, Financial Planner
"Now i finally have the confidence to do retirement planning!"
I have been in the industry for 4 years now. I was never really taught on how to do retirement planning by the coaches and mentor. After listening to Dr Sanjay, now i know exactly what to do to get my clients to invest in retirement. I never expect it to be that simple! 
Michelle, Financial Manager
"10 X My Case Size"
I have been working on retirement planning for my clients for past 2 years. But what Dr Sanjay share with me change my perspective on how i approach my client and get them to take on retirement planning. I tested the 3rd strategy he mention and i mange to 10 X the case size of 3 of my existing client. Thank you!
Vanessa Khoo, Financial Planner

11 Eunos Road 8,
Lifelong Learning Institute,

Date: 12th April 2019
Time: 1PM - 5PM
Status: Sold Out!

Date: 12th April 2019
Time: 6PM - 10PM
Status: 32 Tickets Left
Mall Kota Kasablanka 
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88 
Jakarta Selatan 

Date: 15th April 2019
Time: 1PM - 5PM
Status:  >70% sold out
SMX Convention Center,
Mall of Asia Complex, Seashell Ln, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila

Date: 17th April 2019
Time: 2PM - 6PM
Status:  >70% sold out
Menara TA One, 
22, Jalan P. Ramlee, 
50250, Kuala Lumpur

Date: 20th April 2019
Time: 2PM - 6PM
Status: Sold Out!

Date: 20th April 2019
Time: 9AM - 1PM
Status: >70% Sold Out!
As we edge closer to 2019, think back to all your ups and downs, and really analyse if you have done well for yourself in 2018. If not, I would like to help you help yourself in 2019 - it's time to improve and bounce back! Let me show you how to create a successful retirement plan for your clients. Invest in the coaching today - I guarantee the skills and friendships gained will pay you back multiple times the price of the ticket.
Singapore - US$99
Philippines / Malaysia - US$69
Indonesia - US$49
*As tickets are selling fast, please secure your seats to prevent disappointment.
We apologize for being unable to reserve bookings as it is on a First Come First Serve Basis. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Dr Sanjay Tolani?
Dr Sanjay Tolani, a 17-year member of the Million Dollar Round Table – The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, with 2 Court of the Table & 13 Top of the Table honors.

He became the youngest member in 2003 at the age of 19 and then qualified as the Youngest Life Member in 2012 at the age of 28. He also became the Youngest Managing Director of an Insurance Brokerage in the Middle East.
Will Dr Sanjay's sharing be relevant to us in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines ?
Absolutely! This is because even though Dr Sanjay is based in Dubai, his clients come from 53 countries including Singapore and Malaysia. He is intimately familiar with our taxation rules, industry regulations and even behaviors of the locals here.
Why is Dr Sanjay so generous in sharing his trade secrets? Is there a catch?
For starters, Dr Sanjay is a solo practitioner. He doesn't manage an agency and has no intention to build one. That's not his focus

His intent is to pay it forward and raise the standards in the financial service industry. This way, everyone wins! You'll like to also know that this is not for profit. 

All the fees collected are use to cover the cost of the event. 
Will Dr Sanjay be coming back again to do this sharing?
Unfortunately, due to his hectic schedule, we can only secure limited sessions with him so grab the chance to learn first hand from him. It's a perfect way to start the year!
I have other questions.
For any inquiries, please write in to me@sanjaytolani.com.
What are the details of the Coaching?
In this coaching, you will learn the latest insurance strategies from top agent Dr Sanjay himself. He will be sharing with you his secrets to ranking top in the insurance industry and how you can achieve similar results. 

While Dr. Sanjay frequently gives talk, this is the FIRST TIME HE discuss on his own retirement strategies for the super rich. 

Unlike a typical seminar, this coaching requires participant to practice their skills on the spot so Dr. Sanjay can correct them. So get ready to participate actively, because practice makes perfect, doesn’t it? 

How often will this coaching take place?
This is an one time off event. The chances of Dr Sanjay teaching the same topic is very low. So please attend if you are serious on learning about retirement. 

In the future, the coaching might be carry out by appointed mentee rather than Dr Sanjay himself. So grab this chance to meet him in person while you can. 

To make the learning environment more inclusive, we are limiting the numbers of seats to the coaching. 
Why is the ticket so affordable? Will you upsell me in this seminar?
This is a coaching session, not a preview where we up-sell you expensive courses after the session. 

The price is purposely made affordable so that more family members can benefit from this event. 
Why does the ticket price differs in different country?
The cost of setting up the family meetup is more expensive in some countries. This explains for the differences in ticket pricing.
Can you reserve the seats for me first? I am waiting for my Friend to buy together.
Seats are very limited.The tickets are on a first come first serve basis. This is to ensure fairness to the family.

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